Tips for Photographing Newborns!

Every parent wants to capture the memories of their children growing up, especially with how fast they grow! So we have a few tips for when you want to have photos of your newborn.

The first thing you and your photographer need to think about is your child’s safety. That means making sure not to do any posses that will endanger your child. One of the more popular posses going around right now is called the ‘frog’ pose. This is a pose where you basically have the child folded in half with their head propped up on their hands. This photo is actually two photos merged together. One photo with a parent holding the child’s head balanced on their hands, then another with the parent holding the child’s arms so the head is balanced. This part of the pose doesn’t harm the child, however, while that is happening the child’s legs are folded under their body. This can dislocate the child’s hips! Just picture you doing that pose. Have your legs stretched out in front of you and lay your chest on the ground.

The second thing you need to do is have the newborn session on your child’s schedule. If your session is an hour long, plan to be there for at least an hour and a half. Also, in order to get any of the photos you want of your child needs to be in a good mood. So scheduling a session after a meal or whenever your child is most comfortable.

The third tip I have for you today is to make sure your child is comfortable. I have for that having a space heater on low pointed towards the child is the best for making the child comfortable. Having your studio or home a little on the warmer side will make the child more comfortable.

My fourth and final tip is to have the most important outfits first. Designate about 3 outfits as the ones that you really want/have to have and then the others can be a bonus!

I hope the next time you schedule a newborn session that these tips help you out!

Christina + Chris

If you had driven by the Church of the Highlands on February 2nd, 2019 you would have witnessed Christina and Chris declaring their love for one another in the eyes of God. They had a gorgeous ceremony and Christina was a vision in her beautiful wedding gown.

After the ceremony, everyone met at the City Club in Birmingham for the reception where they had a beautiful skyline view of the city.

The City Club was full of Christina and Chris’ family and friends, whom you could tell were happy for the couple and having a great time!

We wish them all the love, laughter, and happiness in the world!

Kyanne + Chad

On October 20th of 2018, Kyanne and Chad decided to join together in an intimate ceremony in front of family and friends at a beautiful lake house decorated by gorgeous flower arrangements done by Ronnie Childress, Vintage Garden/Everyday Flowers.

After the ceremony, the couple and their guests walked over to the wonderful and delicious cake done by Cakeaholics.

We wish them all the love, laughter, and happiness in the years to come.


Kortney + Grant

Kortney and Grants journey started years ago when they met through mutual friends when they were just teenagers. They’re friends invited both to their lake house and apparently tried setting them with different people. Thankfully for Kortney and Grant, neither of them came on the trip and they spent all day in a kayak baking in the sun.

Then one day Grant took Kortney to her favorite restaurant where he had requested a private booth. She always joked around about him proposing so when he looks at her and said, “I have to ask you something,” of course she jokingly said, “Alright. Go ahead and propose.” Well, she just about choked when he actually starts getting down on one knee and pulled out the most beautiful ring she’d ever seen. It was the most magical and surreal moment she’s ever experienced.

When the big day finally came, they couldn’t have been happier. They had a beautiful ceremony at Red Gates at Kelly Creek decorated by the staff at Red Gates and flowers by Flowers from the Heart. When Grant, dressed in a handsome blue suit by Mr. Burch Formal Wear, saw Kortney in her dress from David’s Bridal for the first time that day, the love that was radiating off of him could be felt by all of their family and friends. After the ceremony, the couple had a private moment to relax and eat the food provided by Happy Catering before they went to the reception to dance in front of their friends and family to songs played by their DJ Puttin’ On the Ritz. After dancing the night away and having fun with friends and family, Kortney and Grant were sent off to their honeymoon under a shower of sparklers.