Sarah + Matthew

February is a month that is full of love and on February 2nd The Sterling Castle hosted a Magic: The Gathering Tournament. Which was the perfect combination for Sarah and Matthew!

When they found out that there was a Magic: The Gathering Tournament happening at The Sterling Castle they decided that they had to get married at the same time! They wanted to go back and play in the annual tournament to relive their wedding!

So while the tounament was in full swing, Sarah and Matthew said their vows and were announced husband and wife.

Their reception was decorated with galaxys and on top of their wedding cake was two golden dinsaurs! The whole wedding was full of nerdy touches that made the day very uniqe!

We wish them all the love, laughter, and happiness in the world!

Brianna + Cody

Everyone wants to end the year on a happy note and what better way to do that then have a wedding!

On December 30th, 2018, just 2 days away from the new year, Brianna and Cody decided that the best way to end the year was to get married at The Sterling Castle!

They were married infront of a roaring fire while family and friends watched on with smiles on thier faces.

We wish Brianna and Cody all the love, laughter, and happiness in the world!

Robin + Jim

Robin and Jim were married at Grace Community Church on November 17th, 2018.

They had a lovely and intimate ceremony surrounded by loved ones. The reception hall was filled with DIY elements that they had put together for their special day.

After spending time with everyone Robin and Jim were sent off through a shower of bubbles where their car was waiting on them to whisk them away to Memphis, Tennessee.

We wish them all the love, laughter, and happiness in the world.

Krista + Adam

Yellowleaf Creek Mill hosted the wedding of Krista and Adam on 11/12/2017. Krista had a gorgeous gown courtesy of Bella Couture and Adam looked very handsome in his tux from Men’s Warehouse! The bride’s flowers were a work of art by Leigh Anne White!

Their first look was in the top 5 of our all-time favorites! The love these two share is so evident in every look!  Here is what Adam had to say about the first time he saw Krista in her wedding finery:

Standing by the waterfall waiting for the “sneak peek.” Over 10 minutes I waited; trembling with anticipation. What made it worse was I was standing close to the waterfall so I couldn’t hear anyone coming down the steps. I had no warning! When she finally made it down the stairs, and I turned to see her for the first time in her wedding dress, it took my breath away. Literally. Krista became my breathing coach; as if I was going into labor in the middle of a Lamaze class. I had never seen anyone more beautiful in my entire life. Her dress, her hair, her eyes (omg, her eyes), her perfume…I will never forget that moment.

The ceremony was sweet with their friends and families there to support them.

At the reception the food was provided by Tin Top BBQ, some of the best you’ll find in Alabama! Brides cake by Dana Beasley and Grooms cake by Edgar’s Bakery. both beautiful and delicious!  The couple made their grand exit with their guests lighting the way with sparklers. They will be honeymooning at Jewel Dunn’s River Beach Resort in Ocho Rios.

We wish them the very best life has to offer!