What’s YOUR style??

It’s a never ending question in the wedding photography biz… “What’s your style?”. It’s also a major headache for us in marketing and demonstrating our work here because of how our company is set up.

Many photographers have a “Signature Style” of business. You’ve seen them, it’s generally a title that has their name buried in it: Jane Doe Photography or Wedding Photography by John Doe. These people generally have a singular style that they are proud enough to bolt their name to.


Fotowerks is a Brand Name style photography business. A single descriptive term or phrase that tells you about what we do. Milk and Honey Photography, Wild Blue Yonder Photos…. not sure exactly what those companies do, but it probably goes right along with their specialties.

Fotowerks does… well…. it does photography work. No real mystery there. We have specialties and we have departments where we excel – like Wedding Photography and Glamour – but we do all kinds of things like photography training and hardware/software solutions for photographers.


So what’s “our style”. Hmmm…. as simply as I can put it – our “style” is whatever you ask for. We have 4 principle photographers who’s abilities range from children, architectural, wedding, portrait, glamour, boudoir… you name it. We’re published. Have done many magazines of work, some covers, won awards… that list goes on as well. So the real beauty of Fotowerks is not only our really great pictures, it’s also our really great ability to understand what you ask for and create it for you.

The proof? The image┬áto the left is from a young lady who wanted to see herself in a wedding dress and to see the work shot and finished like a high end advertisement. Bottom line – she was VERY happy! We’d love to do the same for you! Come to Fotowerks and see what style suits you!!!!!

What’s the price of perfection??

Maybe it’s the economy, maybe it’s a trend, but we are getting more and more phone calls that go something like this:

“Hello, my name is __________, I’m getting married next month. I need a photographer. I have 10 bridesmaids and about 300 guests…. I don’t really want a big album, but what packages do you have with a small album, some prints and a CD of my images for under $750?”

I’ve talked to my fair share of brides – but these kinds of calls just floor me. I’m sitting on the other end of the phone just mentally spit drooling and finally my mouth begins to work again. All that comes out is, “Excuse me?”

My kind and well meaning phone bride repeats herself, never catching on to the fact that I don’t need a repeat – it’s that I’m just stuck there in disbelief.

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UAB Medical Alumni

UAB Medical Alumni banquet held on February 28th.

The Birth of a Cover

When Stephanie Whittaker (local Editor, Boss, Mastermind) behind the Birmingham edition of the Perfect Wedding Guide (PWG) decided to break tradition a little bit for their cover, she called Fotowerks to see what we could brew up for her.

The challenge was this – She wanted to keep the look of the magazine intact, but to use a “Fresher Face” type of bride than what PWG corporate was offering them for the Fall 2008 cover. She asked us if we could do the cover… only better.

No easy feat. PWG is well established, very particular about the look and style of the magazine and allowing an outsider to shoot the cover was a long shot. Stephanie said that she knew it had been done before in other markets in the U.S. and she was confident that we’d be her best bet for getting it approved.

After getting some particulars from the publisher (This issue was to have a medium grey background) and Stephanie found us a lovely model/bride (Lindsay Hollingsworth) all we needed was a gown (a Rivini from The White Room), flowers (from Flower Stems) and makeup (Anna Leigh DeLaire).