Lori + Scott

If you happened to be at Ozan Winery on May the 5th 2018, you would have witnessed Lori and Scott exchanging vows.

When Lori walked up behind Scott for their first look, you could see the anticipation of seeing each other for the first time that day on their faces and their love radiated off of them when Lori walked into Scott’s line of sight.

After their intimate ceremony beside the vineyard, everyone went to the winery for the reception catered by Southern Sweets. Lori and Scott mingled and danced the night away until their guest sent them off under a shower of sparks.

We wish them much love, laughter, and happiness!

Krysta + Bubba

On the beautiful spring day of March 24, 2018 Krysta and Bubba decided to tie the knot inĀ an intimate ceremony surrounded by family and friends. As Krysta walked down the aisle towards Bubba, you could see in his eyes that he though he was looking at the best thing that had ever happened to him.

Their ceremony site and reception hall was beautifully decorated by their family so they didn’t have to worry about any thing.

Karon + Joel

March 24th, 2018 at Red Gates at Kelly Creek was the day that Karon and Joel joined their families together. Their ceremony was a beautiful intimate affair surrounded by family and friends and you can tell just by looking at Karon and Joel that they are in love.

The reception was beautifully decorated by friends and family with blues, yellows, and delicious cakes made by Karon’s mother. The guests brought their favorite foods to share with the couple and let them know that they were so happy for them.

We wish them all the love, laughter, and happiness in the world.


Alison + Devon

The Sterling Castle is one of the best places to have a fairy tale wedding and Alison and Devon thought so as well because they decided to have their get married there on March 22nd, of 2018.

They had a vision of an intimate wedding that showed all of their interests, from The Princess Bride to Star Wars to video games, and their ceremony and reception showed that with swords, books, PSPs, and Wiis.

After they celebrated with their family and friends they were send off under an arch of ribbon and bells.

We wish them much love, laughter, and happiness!