Heather + Kevin

For Kevin and Heather, it all started on February the 11th 2010at 2:30 am in a college dorm theater, Kevin asked Heather to be his girlfriend.

They were together for the next 7 years and when February 11th, 2017 came around, they went on their usual anniversary date of Chinese food and a 10th Kingdom marathon at home. What Heather didn’t know was Kevin had been planning to ask her a very important question. So after the movie ended and they were getting ready for bed, he decides it’s time to pop the question and of course she said yes.

 They decided to get married at The Sterling Castle on December 30th, 2017. Where they had a lovely Lord of the Rings themed wedding. When Kevin saw Heather in her beautiful gown from Modern Brides, you could tell he thought he was the happiest man in the world. So surrounded by friends and family they pledged their love and life for each other on that chilly December day.

The Reception Hall was beautifully decorated with greens and red and so many Lord of the Rings mementos. Everyone laughed and danced the night away until the couple was sent off under a shower of sparklers and fireworks.