“If you are all about that big deal mess, you have to deal with the stress. If you are not, a small and intimate wedding will sure to impress!”

These are the words that Whitney did not know she would say when first met Richard at her place of work in college. She may have had an idea that she would say them when he dropped down on one knee in her mother’s kitchen to propose.

But one thing that she knew without a doubt is that when she got married one day, she would want her family there.

On February 17th, 2017, Richard and Whitney were joined by their families at the Old Overton Club for their dream intimate family wedding. In her elegant dress from Saks 5th Avenue, a beautiful venue as her setting, and her man in sight and by her side, Whitney vowed to be his wife with her whole heart.

After the ceremony, the party paraded inside the venue to eat a colorful cake created by Edgar’s and celebrated the two’s union.

When we asked Whitney what her favorite part about her wedding was, she replied happily:

“Our family. The support and love that we received was without a doubt our favorite part of our special day. Not to mention the fact that we get to live our lives together—that part is pretty neat too.”