By day, a knight pronounced Warren and Lisa “man and wife”.

On February 20th, 2017, the minister was armed for the ceremony, a crimson cross upon his shield. Petals paved the way for love eternal as two daughters in rose red led the way for their mother, the bride. Emerging gracefully from The Sterling Castle in a gown of glittering white, Lisa followed her heart to her smiling groom, Warren, waiting for her. Before an intimate gathering of friends and family, Lisa and Warren vowed themselves to each other, illuminated their union through a unity candle, and sealed their commitment to each through a lock ceremony. After a kiss between the two as a public declaration of their love, they re-entered the castle to dine and dance with those who witnessed the occasion. After much merriment, the two exited together under a shower of rose petals, their fingers intertwined just as tightly as their hearts were, are, and forever will be.