“So honey now,

Take me into your loving arms…”

As Michelle and Stephen spun together as Man and Wife to Ed Sheraton’s “Thinking Out Loud”, their family and friends joyously gazed on within walls of Cypress Columns in Grey, Louisianna on January 14th, 2017. They would have their turn to dance to music played by Sheauxdown, but right then it was the bride and groom’s turn to take the dance floor. The bride, dressed in a gown by David’s Bridal, and her man in blue, decked out in a tux from Norman’s Tuxedos, held each other close in this time carved just for the two of them. Yes, there would be garter tossing, dancing, and eating cake crafted by Sugar Plum later, but just this moment in time was theirs to have and to hold. The perfection illustration of their future together, sharing each moment together with each other and the rest of the world gazes on in awe.

“…we found love right where we are”



(italicized words are lyrics from Ed Shearton’s “Thinking Out Loud”)