Years ago, brought together by mutual friends, Christina met Blake. Little did she know then, one day Blake would cook a wonderful dinner and propose to her over a glass of wine. Nor did she know that they would one day be wed at Kenan’s Mill on October 15th, 2016, or that they would honeymoon in Elijay, Georgia. Yet, the best things in life are often what we cannot foresee.

She did not foresee the beautiful autumn day that she would get married on with her outdoor ceremony, or that her beautiful floral arrangements would be done by The Flower Basket. Nor did she know that she would one day say that her favorite part of her day was seeing her groom for, “He was so handsome standing there!”

She could not foresee that the band that would play her reception would be Sucker Punch, that her cake artist would be Pat Labbe, that she and her groom would exit through a shower of bubbles, or that she would one day describe her big day as, “…beautiful chaos! Everybody family and friends came together to help and celebrate. The day was absolutely wonderful!”

But all of these things would and did happen.  And you cannot truly prepare for the big day no matter what you predict for, as Christina explains, “No matter how long or far in advance you prepare for the big day, it is still going to be crazy but in the end, everything comes together.”