While the ceremony is an essential part to any marriage, we should always keep in mind how the marriage itself requires unity and teamwork. Tiffany and Chip’s wedding embodied this both in look and action.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. After all, to everything created there must be the first step, and this is the same with any relationship. Tiffany and Chip met through mutual friends. Each had been married before had two kids each. Although dating with kids is never easy, these two adults were ready.

When the two eventually married each other, it would be a wedding that included all hands in their families in order to melt into one family. For a wedding as handcrafted as theirs was, you can only imagine the proposal was shaped just as carefully.  Tiffany recalled every detail with warmth; “He made a ring box out of a tree limb and also a wooden box out of cedar wood with the letters A & F carved on top for Always and Forever. He made the box for me in order to keep the notes that he writes to me. He set the letter box in the middle of my living room on a table with a path of candles and roses. At the time, I honestly thought he was just giving me the box for the letters because he does sweet things like that all the time. But, then he pulls the ring box out of his back pocket and proposes.”

On September 23, 2016, at Yellowleaf Creek Mill, Tiffany, Michael, and their families worked together to create a homespun wedding that required hard work and loving hearts for the pieces to fall together. Tiffany’s mother did the cakes and flowers, while everyone worked together to assemble the decorating for both the ceremony and the reception. After the preparation for the wedding was done, the wedding party dashed off to prepare themselves. The bride slipped into a lovely gown from David’s Bridal and the groom buttoned up in a shirt and vest from Men’s Wearhouse.

At six p.m., the ceremony started with petals dropped by their daughters, followed by her son as the ring bearer. Tiffany started down the aisle, gazing at her husband-to-be with, as she remembers, “the sweetest smile on his face”, and their future family in plain sight, patiently waiting for her. After the couple exchanged vows, the new family participated in a sand ceremony to illustrate how they were a unified piece.  

Afterwards, the family was joined by their loved ones at a reception that was catered by Taco Mama. The couple danced to their first dance as husband and wife to George Strait’s “I Cross My Heart”, but were quickly joined by their children, transforming it into a first dance as a new family. When music was danced to, food was ate, and merriment was had, Tiffany and Chip drove off in a 1969 Chevrolet. The two are currently living in Maylene, Alabama and saving up money to build a house for their family.

Before we close out this “Happily Ever After”, Tiffany has one word of advice for new brides, especially if they are going to DIY their weddings: “Do not try to do everything yourself. Let others help you! Enjoy your day because it goes by too fast!”